Nursery Highlights

Because we lived in our small one bedroom apartment when Colette was born we didn’t buy a crib or any traditional nursery items. The first couple of months she slept in a Rock ‘n Play, which was the perfect size to saddle her up next to our bed. We moved into our house when she was about 8 weeks old and have been putting together her nursery piece by piece since then. Though we are still lacking some items to complete the room, I’m pleased with the way it has come together over the past few months. The walls are still woefully blank and I can’t commit to a rug to save my life, but we will get there. One Ikea trip at a time!

When we moved in, the walls were grey, but turned an ugly brownish muddy color in the afternoon light. We painted the walls a pale aqua and it has really brightened up the room. My sister helped me conceptualize the room based on some large pieces that we were interested in. She has a great talent for pulling a look together. Once we had the basic idea of where we wanted to go, we started with the larger items. We were gifted a glider by my mom, my first custom furniture piece ever! We selected the “peacock” fabric as well as the light aqua trim to match the walls. The Jenny Lind crib was one I had my eye on for a few months before she was born, I love how simple and sweet it is. I also love that it shipped with free two-day shipping, Mama don’t play that $100 delivery fee! Our second big purchase for the room was a Jenny Lind bookcase. The shelves are full of books we received at her showers and from trips to Goodwill. They usually have one 50% off Saturday a month and you can often find children’s books in near perfect condition for .25 to .50. One especially successful trip, my mom and I snagged a cartload of books for $15 total. Her changing table is a dresser from Ikea. I haven’t made any customizations but I am looking for knobs and have pinned some “Ikea hacks”. That counts for something, right?

Some of the things I love most in her room are little items that have sentimental value. Colette has a big blanket sewn by my mom on her chair. Pete’s mom found a princess castle shelf at a garage sale that we painted  to match the color scheme. My sister Molly and her boyfriend found and restored an old rocking horse that looks just like Jasper, the rocking horse we had growing up. Jasper 2.0 is patiently waiting for Coco to be old enough to play. Colette also received her Aunt Lucy’s childhood copy of Madeline. I love the little notes written in many of her books and I hope when she grows up she treasures them as well. Many of my childhood toys and dolls are in a basket with her surprisingly large stuffed animal collection. When Pete and I were in Germany last December we purchased her a Steiff teddy bear, the first thing we ever bought for our baby. As she gets older, I hope to add books and trinkets from the places we’ve traveled as a family. And someday…a rug.

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